Victory Song

A visual song of Psalm 46:8-9

All is quiet and green.

Places of haunting in ever-singing silence.

Sweetly flows the simple notes of bird and the bleat of lambs.

A bare hillside, once covered in blood

Now submerged under a froth of green grass,

Chestnut trees fringed about the summit,

A crown of glory for a new kingdom.

A silence that beckons, does not frighten, but all is increased.

The senses flooded in hope are now renewed

And the threat of a night terror is gone.

There is no memory of blunting tools,

axes and bows, swords and shields

The instruments of torture and pain and wounding.

All dissolved in a deep brown crust

And turned to green and mirth.

Birds and beasts sing a chorus to the other,

The lands joins on a deep bass note

All beckoning the master of their new fate,

a victory-song to the Stilling One,

Whose peace make quiet the anger

Whose joy brings laughter forever.





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