And why do I do this?

I shot a minute or so of footage from my elk camp last year (2011). Why do I do this to myself? I didn’t realize how “gaunt” I was until I saw this video. My wife said I looked like a very sad man, and I took it from her tone she didn’t mean emotionally. Even my father in law thought I looked “too thin.” That’s what you get training 26.2 and spending nearly a week up at high altitude.

It was a lot of fun with the fellas, then they all left. We bumped into some elk and everyone got within range – except me. Nothing down, but the memories and adventures together are what’s worth it. I hope we’re all doing this when we’re in our 60s. The most disconcerting part of the last 36 hours alone was accidentally sighting 2 predators sneaking in at 3:30am on my hike up to timberline from camp. They could have been lions, they could have been coyotes. I hoped the latter. Either way I was being trailed.

I breakfasted halfway to timberline with a Clif bar in my left hand and my pistol in my right, spinning in a constant slow circle and trying to watch my back.

Oh, wait, I remember why I do this. Man, it’s fun! Can’t wait for this year.


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