Wooden Clog on a Club Foot

I could ask for a reasoned approach to politics, science, theology, psychology. Its not likely I would get it. I suppose that’s not what I’m looking for anyway. What I want more than anything is a discussion among the wise who seek – those who want to explore deep things of the universe and why we are here and what this whole show is all about. I haven’t announced the content yet, I’m just waiting to see who will show for dinner.

Some of you want to move on already. Was politics what threw you? Theology perhaps? Made you throw up did it? Do you find scientific matters less alarming?

Before you move on, I ask you to consider what I am about to say.

The truly inquisitive ones are hard to find.

Only recently has it dawned on me that a blog might be in order. I suppose I am a bit like an Edmond Dantes, looking back on a life I would have preferred, knowing I must plough ahead on this one. Those people who know me in the comings and goings of ordinary life might find such a description fits me about as well as a wooden clog on a club foot. I am a normal person, sticking out a bit here and there if only because I’ve had many chances to practice persistence and I have learned a thing or two of what makes people your allies.

I say this because I want to be up front about the whole matter. You may not learn anything from me. Then again you might. I’m in this because I hope to learn something. I’m doing this because the threads are tightening, the weave is beginning to reveal itself. I’m hopeful that by writing down what I see, I’ll see it in all its wonder. I’ll begin to see God better. I know others have already seen it too. Perhaps I’ll run into them.

And now it comes to it. I finally decided to blog because I believe the current state of affairs in this world to be at least unfriendly if not outright hostile to any view, speech, programme or position unless it has been polarized, super-charged and marketed like so much excess medicine as to make the masses sway and scream with rage and disapproval or enlightened glee. A story sells, so they say.

And they are right. Stories do sell.

Sadly, I don’t believe many listen deeply anymore.

There is another story. An far more ancient and truer one. A story whose brilliance is on the verge of eclipsing our own, only we’re on the far side of the moon and most of us don’t see it.

It took me a long time to see what has been happening to our humanity. We live, many of us, such small little stories and our lives have startlingly begun to mirror the small dramas we find so captivating in television, movies and media. Somehow we have gotten used to the notion that the absence of drama is an absence of life.


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